It was great dan showed professionalism and made a Simple process I wouldn't have been able to get it done by myself

my experience

5-Star Avvo Review | July 11, 2019

Dan was great. He helped my 17 yr old son with a speeding ticket. Got it reduced to only 2 points. Dan was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dan for any of your courtroom needs. Thanks you Dan.

Excellent attorney

Ron | July 12, 2019

He is hands down, the lawyer of the year! From the moment we finished talking I knew that he would get the results we set out for. He was quick and very transparent throughout the whole process.

Quick and easy

Zenni | July 18, 2019

Couldn't had a better lawyer!! One of the best and I was happy I choose Mr. Berger as my lawyer for today's court! Definitely will recommend him again if needed in the future! Thank you!


Shawn | July 23, 2019

Prompt and courteous attorney whom answered all my questions in a prompt manner and assisted me with reducing my fine and points. Would recommend and use again should the situation arise.

Good attorney.

5-Star Avvo Review |

He was able to get me 0 points on a speeding ticket 29 over speed limit his negotiating skills and able to make a deal got me great results and definitely recommend him to anyone. Strong analytical and advocacy skills


Wayne | July 25, 2019

Awesome lawyer who gets the job done and I definitely recommend his services to whosoever needs them

Great services

Shawn | July 25, 2019

Daniel E Berger handled everything in a professional and in a time orderly fashion.

Traffic Court

July 25, 2019

I recommend Dan highly. He helped me tremendously with my situation and was extremely reasonable.

Thank you

Robert | July 26, 2019

Dan Berger is a courtroom wizard. Had my traffic offense reduced to fine only and had the fine reduced as well. Definitely got the most bang for my buck that any other lawyer would have charged double for.

My awesome lawyer

Emil | August 8, 2019

I was facing 11 points and Mr. Berger was able to get it down to just 2 points. Communication was constant throughout the process and he was very personable. 10/10 would recommend!

Highly recommend

Joe | August 15, 2019

Mr. Berger is the consummate professional. He does what he says he's going to do and he delivers. I recommend him highly.

In praise of Daniel Berger

Thomas | August 21, 2019

Mr. Berger was very thorough I'm everything he did. Explained everything to me in a way that I can understand easily. He was very kind in helping me with my unique situation.

A five-star attorney

Paul | August 23, 2019

I hired Daniel E. Berger, Esq. to deal with my case and he was able to remove the points and lower the fine. I highly recommend Daniel E. Berger, Esq. to handle your case and I would use him again if I ever get a moving violation in New Jersey.

Excellent Outcome & Service by New Jersey Traffic Attorney

A.J. Haas | August 26, 2019

I received 9 points from a trooper on one stop. Dan got it down to 2 points which saved me money on the fine, not to mention the DMV and insurance surcharges, I highly recommend Dan to anyone facing legal trouble.

Great Job

Jeff August 28, 2019

Amazing lawyer. Got my charges dismissed and only had to pay fines. Highly recommended.


John | September 10, 2019

Contacted Dan after receiving a letter in the mail. Went over my situation and he was clear and to the point. Decided to move forward with his services since he didn't give me some vague answers like other lawyers did.

Clear communication throughout the process, even down the minute in which he would show up in the court room. Got me in and out. 100% recommend and will contact again if needed.

Traffic Ticket

Calvin | September 11, 2019

Mr. Berger was exactly what I needed. He was calm and confident which gave me peace. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do. I'm so happy he was there with me. I highly recommend him.

Highly Recommend

5 Star Avvo Review | September 13, 2019

Mr Berger was successful in reducing my sons traffic ticket to no points.

Traffic ticket

Kimberly | September 25, 2019

Daniel Berger is the kind of attorney everyone needs. He is a genuine PERSON, who cares about his clients well being ,he went above and beyond representing me on more than one occasion, made multiple appearances on my cases to get me the best deal, without money being a factor. In fact he showed up trusting hed be paid, took payment plans at my convenience, never made money an issue while giving me the best representation that I could ask for, never pressured me to take a deal, prepared to appear at no cost, allowing me extra time plan payment schedule and seemed to really care for me, as a client....I would and do, refer him to anyone needing an honest and caring lawyer, without judging. ABSOLUTELY my choice for anything involving dui, dwi and suspension cases, and hes straight forward, couldn't ask for better representation at reasonable price...Thank you Daniel Berger

Avvo Review

James | October 1, 2019

My daughter got caught in a speed trap on the parkway, Mr.Berger was there to help...quick courteous and professional..all the best

thank you for your professional help

5 Star Avvo Review | October 18, 2019

A pleasure deal with very up front and to the point
Did not take A vantage of me and it was a one flat rate price for my case which is great because other lawyers charge you every time they go to Court.
He very much looked out for my best interest and he is very knowledgeable of the court system and their procedures

A pleasure

Michael | October 29, 2019

I got a ticket for not using a turn signal in beach haven west from a cop that was sitting waiting for people giving out tickets right and left. The ticket had 2-4 points associated with it and I was not having that. In the mail came at least 12 advertisements for various lawyers some more expensive some less expensive but his own phone number was on the ad and he picked up the phone by the second ring and was very helpful. Most other ads were for a group and you couldn't talk with the lawyer directly till you payed and hired them. The cheapest ad was for $200 and I got on line with a robot and I just hung up. That's why I went with Daniel Berger even though his fee wasn't the lowest but was still the third cheapest of 12 people and picked up the phone himself to answer all my questions.

Great service

Anthony | October 30, 2019

Dan was extremely professional, amiable and accessible throughout the entire process. He certainly knew his way around in the courtroom.Made me feel relaxed. Answered all of my questions before court day, and delivered exactly what he told me he would.

Hired Dan to represent me regarding a traffic violation

Mike | October 31, 2019

Dan represented me in a rear end collision accident. He was confident and on top of the situation as it unfolded in court. We won our case hands down. Thank you Dan !

Professional service and great attorney

Rich | November 18, 2019

Very professional. Did a great job in handling my affairs and reasonable priced!!


Anthony | November 26, 2019

I hired Dan Berger to represent me on a criminal matter. He pushed to get me a great deal for an optimal outcome. Dan was very responsive when I had questions and was always very professional. I highly recommend.

Excellent Lawyer

5 Star Avvo Review | December 3, 2019

Daniel Berger did a GREAT job handling my case, he answers quickly when you reach out to him, he does what he says he's going to do and has an overall great attitude. He got me in and out of court with the outcome that was expected and made my "headache" as minor as possible. I would 100 percent hire Daniel again. He's an ALL STAR ATTORNEY.

Review for Mr. Berger

5 Star Avvo Review | December 7, 2019

Dan is an excellent lawyer and everything he said he could do for me he accomplished..He saved me from getting a criminal record and Any questions I had for him he had no problem getting right back to me and ansewering any question I had and he was completely honest.Just a great guy and I'd refer him to anyone anyway.Just a great guy.Thankyou for all your help dan you're the man.

Excellent lawyer

Les | December 11, 2019

Handled case professionally, was well versed in laws pertaining to court matter. Knew his way around court room and procedures.
Highly recommend! Would definitely use again if needed!!

Well Done

John | December 12, 2019

I would highly recommend Daniel Berger as an attorney. He was extremely pleasant to work with and answered any questions I had about my case.

Attorney review

5 Star Avvo Review | December 17, 2019

Mr. Berger is an excellent lawyer and thanks to him, I received no points for a traffic accident rather than 2 points had I not had him as my lawyer. He also got me the lowest possible fine. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with his work.

He got me no points and a low fine for a traffic accident.

Reynold | January 23, 2020

I contacted Attorney Daniel Berger in a time of stress and confusion because of serious motor vehicle violations. The moment we spoke he gave me peace of mind by telling me the possible outcome of my case. As Mr. Berger predicted, my case was dismissed and I couldn't thank him enough for this. If you ever need aggressive representation at an affordable price, don't hesitate to hire him.

Quality lawyer at affordable price

Ricardo | July 11, 2019

He is an amazing lawyer! Everything was quick and easy. He explained everything and possible outcomes through out which made me a lot more comfortable. My charge was dropped to the lowest it could be. It ended up being less then expected. He saved me a lot! I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. I highly highly recommend him!


Ashley | May 31, 2019

Attentive, knowledgeable, clever. I am Proud to be represented by Daniel B. He was positive, hopeful, and honest. I will recommend him to my friends and family. Saved me from 45 days jail time.

Super Star

Ross | May 18, 2019

Just wanted to thank Daniel B and his firm for handling my case. I was facing a fine and points on my license. Thanks to Daniel B, my fine was reduced and my points was removed! Can't thanks him enough for doing a excellent job.

Awesome lawyer

Jamal | May 15, 2019

I hired Daniel for two traffic tickets and he got them both dropped to no points and a minor that was under $100. Thanks for the excellent service.

Excellent experience!!

George | April 30, 2019

Daniel was very understanding on what I wanted for my case, he help me get the best possible outcome and was very nice. He listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend.

Professional, kind, and helpful

Kathy | April 11, 2019

best lawyer there is. helped me get on PTI and starting my life over. definitely recommend

Avvo Review

Kate Poling | April 9, 2019

Mr. Berger was very professional and extremely helpful. He explained everything in a way I could understand and was very reassuring.

Highly Recommend

Anonymous | March 27, 2019

Great lawyer, always tests back fast, every court date he was there early and ready to go. Never disappointed me

Great lawyer

Jason | March 19, 2019

Mr. Berger was very professional and assisted on all my needs..He was also able to help me beat my case bye getting the majority of my tickets dismissed


Greg | March 7, 2019

Great human & goes all out to help insure the best results in the courts.


Richard Erving | March 4, 2019

Lawyer was on time and very helpful. Very polite and made me feel comfortable in my bad situation. Would recommend to anyone I know who would need a lawyer. If I'm ever in need of a lawyer again, Mr. Berger is my go to.


William | March 4, 2019

When I hired him he said this will be most likely what is going to happen. First ticket ever in 20 plus years of driving. He exceeded my expectations and at the end I ended way better then he even thought. Great guy I honestly never met him but he was on top of everything. That's good business

He is outstanding.

George | February 14, 2019

I gave Daniel a call because of he said he'd match my lowest rate. At first I thought to myself, just like a tattoo, lower the rate and payment, the less of quality I'll receive, but it was for sure not like that. Whatsoever. He pulls everyone aside and speaks individually to you about your case and does best to understand it and get you the best deal. I wasn't so lucky, but I did see the effort, and for that I can't appreciate that more. Good dude, good firm, does their best for a lot cheaper than the others. Definitely recommend this firm.

Daniel, Good guy

Dakota | February 7, 2019

Had moving violation, contacted attorney Berger. Attorney was very quick to respond, was always available on phone or by text messaging, gave clear recommendations and clearly outlined fee for a job. Represented nicely and before settling the case called and made sure that proposed outcome works for me

Highly effective attorney

Mark | February 4, 2019

I had retained Daniel Burger to represent me for a criminal offense. He had great communication as well as superb representation. Through his expertise was able to facilitate a the best outcome. I would highly recommend his services.

Superb representation

Ken | January 31, 2019

Excellent support provided by Mr. B. Reduced my level of anxiety. Produced the realistic results I was hoping for. Efficient, fair, and well prepared.

First court room experience

5-Star Avvo Review | January 15, 2019

He was able to do his best to get what I ask for just wish I could get my other ticket with no points like he said when I first talk to him over the phone. He was very professional and I highly recommend you give him a try if you looking for a lawyer.

Avvo Review

Khaliq | January 15, 2019

This lawer was able to downgrade a speeding ticket. I did not get any points. Just had to pay for his time and the court fees.


Matt | January 14, 2019

I had five tickets: serious driving offenses and I could've been thrown under the jail with my record, but due to professional representation and patience the trial was resolved and I had to pay a small fine in lieu of the criminal offenses and points.

Exceeding the limit/marijuana possession

Stanley | January 10, 2019

Daniel provide clear overview on situation including various options; kept me informed along the way, resulting in his earlier statement of most likely outcome!!

Great representation!

5-Star Avvo Review | January 8, 2019

Mr. Berger negotiated and got my ticket reduced and eliminated points off my license.
Do not look for anyone else. Berger is the man!

Great Lawyer!

Luis | January 6, 2019

Excellent Attorney I highly recommend.

He was able to reduce my ticket to the lowest one available in Municipal Court.

I was able to speak with Daniel on the phone on my first call most of the time.

Daniel, responds to messages quickly.

I'm also able to contact him via text.

Municipal Court

Charles | December 20, 2018

Dan was great! He got my hefty speeding ticket down to a lower offense with zero points.

Speeding ticket

Avvo Review | December 3, 2018

Mr Berger is very knowledgeable and up front with expected outcomes.
He is very professional and services are reasonably price. If I ever find myself needing representation he will be my first call.

Excellent lawyer

Tony | November 26, 2018

I highly recommend Mr. Berger to represent you in a car accident where points are potentially being levied. I used him twice under these circumstances and he was able to expeditiously settle my two cases eliminating a total of 4 points. Do not hesitate to use his service, you will not be disappointed.


Avvo Review | November 17, 2018

He did whatever he told me whatever he would do it was very pleasant to deal with

I had a traffic ticket

Yechiel | November 15, 2018

Mr. Berger was highly professional from the start. He clearly communicated with me in regards to the challenges and possible outcomes of my case. Once in court he clearly explained to me how he would handle the case and what he expected from me. At the end it all turned out how we expected it. Highly recommend Mr. Berger's services I would definitely recommend him and would hire him again if need to. Thank you.

Highly professional and recommended Attorney.

Avvo Reviewer | November 15, 2018

very pleasant man to speak to and helped me feel comfortable through out my whole case 110% recommended


Avvo Reviewer | November 14, 2018

Daniel Berger was amazing !! He knows his stuff . I had to appear in court for a car accident . I was so nervous & scared because the officer considered it as a hit & run . I thought I was going to get locked up something . I was crying & he reassured that will be ok & told me exactly what was going to happen in court !! He was absolutely right & I only had to pay my tickets . If you don't get him as your lawyer you might just be missing out !!

The best lawyer

Avvo Reviewer | November 14, 2018

This writer was notifty by mail from several different attorneys about my situation. Spoke with Mr. Berger about an he agreed to help me with this matter. I would like thank you for your time and services.


Eugene | November 13, 2018

Very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time and explained everything to me.
Very patient and understanding.

Thank you

Avvo Reviewer | November 6, 2018

I had in total 7 charges for 2 different courts. He got my one knocked down from 7 points to 2, and the other one is still pending. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a nice simple and easy lawyer!

Handled two of my cases.

Samantha | November 6, 2018

I consulted and hired him to represent me after I received a moving violation. He won my case and appeared in court on my behalf. I would use him again.

Great Lawyer

Avvo Reviewer | November 3, 2018

I contacted Mr.Berger when I received 3 traffic tickets and he had a gameplan ready within minutes of speaking with him. Communication wasn't an issue as he responded to every text and call in a timely manner. I felt very confident going into court with Mr.Berger on my team, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again for any future matters that may occur.

Traffic court

Aaron | November 1, 2018

Mr. Berger handled my case with great professionalism & courtesy. He guided me step by step and in detail as to how he was going to navigate my case. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of an outstanding lawyer.

GREAT Attorney A++++

Kevin | October 24, 2018

Contacted this lawyer for some traffic tickets at Point Pleasant Beach NJ. I explained him the tickets and the situation and lawyer gave me an explanation of what would happen and a competent flat rate. Once hired attorney contacted me for key information when necessary. Living out of the state of NJ I could not attend to court viewing but the attorney represented myself and did a great job getting me a good deal. Would use this lawyer again for any traffic ticket in the New Jersey area.


Elvis | October 15, 2018

Mr. Berger was quick to return calls,and was polite and attentive. He did what he said would do and the results were as he said were as predicted.

predicted outcome

Don | October 7, 2018

Having a few traffic tickets that could of went really horrible for me; Daniel helped get the best result possible for me. Which was something I believe no else would helped in getting this shameful court case off my back...thank you, thanks again.

Great Laywer

Jackie | October 5, 2018



September 28, 2018

I was out of state and he took care of court without me. Really nice guy and got everything at least dropped to a lesser charge. Would definitely recommend!

He took care of everything for me.

Sarah | August 13, 2018

Living in NY, we hired Daniel for a speeding ticket obtained in NJ. Daniel was friendly, confident, and professional. He immediately responded to all my questions and concerns, and laid out the plan of action which had a successful outcome. I will certainly recommend Mr. Berger to all my family, and friends in NJ if they should need an attorney!

Highly Recommend Daniel E. Berger

Melanie | July 13, 2018

Delivered on everything We discussed.
Will definitely keep his contact information and will highly recommend!

Help with Speeding tickets

Vito | July 13, 2018

Great lawyer he told me everything I need to know. He even told me what was going to happen in court before we got there and what happened at court is what exactly what he said. He is also very professional compared to my other attorneys.


Richard | April 18, 2018

I hired Daniel Berger Many years ago and still do when I need a lawyer .... He has helped me out and is a very knowledgeable lawyer with a lot of experience ....

Great Lawyer

John | August 1, 2018

Mr Berger did everything he say he could do for me n allowed me to comprehend what was at hand

Great lawyer

Jashem | January 17, 2018

Mr. Berger, Thank you very much for your help. You gave me back six months of my life that I was going to lose by my own recklessness. -

Gave me back 6 months of my life

Chris | April 26, 2018

Was glad he was hired for his expertise and moral support during something that we never had been through. He reviewed the issue, was there for us and we left the courthouse pleased with the results.

Auto accident

anonymous | March 28, 2018

Very well represented by Daniel Berger
Met him at courthouse, he took care of everything he said he would do
My violation was reduced to 0 points
It was a originally 3 points

Reduced my violation which was 3 points to 0 points

Phil | March 16, 2018

I got a ticket for speeding and Dan went to Court and got it reduced to just a fine no points he did an excellent job


anonymous | March 15, 2018

He was helpful in handling my case. Mr. Berger is also reasonable in price. Thanks again for your help.

Nice Guy

anonymous | February 28, 2018

Very professional I would recommend Mr Berger to friends and family. Thank u for your service Mr Berger. I really appreciate it.

Mr Berger excellent attorney.

michael | February 20, 2018

I called Daniel from a recommendation and from the beginning he was the nicest guy I've ever talked to definitely one of the nicest lawyers I've ever came by. Right from the beginning he took on my case without any hesitation he answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel at ease. I did not even have to go into his office once we communicated through phone calls and emails. I couldn't have expected a better turnout...

Amazing !!!

anonymous | February 1, 2018

I am, very very, satisfied Mr. Berger representing me. He is VERY Professional, and WELL Mannered; kept me WELL Informed, and Relaxed. I felt assured my "trying matters" were in the Best of Hands.


James | January 28, 2018

Mr Berger did everything he say he could do for me n allowed me to comprehend wat was at hand


Jashem | January 17, 2018

We hired Mr. Berger to defend us & he delivered what he said he was going to do! We are happy if the results. We would absolutely retain his services again if necessary.


Brian | January 7, 2018

He worked with me to instead of being in jail, have a year probation and a few fines.

Very effective attorney

anonymous | January 4, 2018

I have used Mr. Berger for a variety of legal services and have always found him to be ethical, honest, professional, and well informed. His expertise has resulted in several successful complicated real estate transactions. I have referred others to him and all have ended up with excellent results.


Jay | December 7, 2017

Dan helped me on two real estate transactions. As a first time buyer almost 20 years ago and most recently he did the closing on the sale of the townhouse. Dan is hard working, precise and pays close attention to detail. We had a few tenant issues arise which he swiftly took care of which could have been a nightmare if not for his superb expertise. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and efficient and made the whole process a breeze! Highly recommend!!

Great lawyer!! Responsive and attentive. Highly recommend!!

Kathy | December 7, 2017

2 dismissed!!!!! And reduced all to 2 points,from 14points..Mr Daniel is the man !!! I will definitely hire him again..decent price,willing to work with you..knows the judges and the system..

Reckless driver/speeding/driving nearest right lane

anonymous | December 6, 2017

Extremely satisfied. Daniel is a great lawyer. I called him literally days before my case was due in court. Not only did he pick my case up with no hesitation, he got me a deal with no jail time, as per the 15 days for the original charges. The second time I used Daniel and he has never let me down.

Driving Tickets

anonymous | December 6, 2017

Dan is a great lawyer. I had a VOP and he helped me get back into the probation program because my address had changed 2 times in 4 months so I never got my notice to show up for court. He notified me that i had missed court and without him i would have never known about the bench warrant I had to pay off. He thoroughly answered any question I had and made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way. Not to mention he has always been available whenever I've had to call him to ask any question. I'm extremely satisfied with his services.

Super Helpful

Lauren | December 6, 2017

Hiring Mr. Berger to represent me in my case was the smartest decision and the best representation I could of asked for. He was aggressive in resolving my case, knows the laws and provides excellence as a defense attorney. Thank You Sir Your service will always be remembered as a pleasant experience in a not so pleasant environment.

A reasonable Attorney whom provides his clients with the best legal representation available

Anthony | November 30, 2017

I had 2 tickets he got dismissed 1 and other 1 minimum fee . He is very professional understanding and knows his job well and u won't be disappointed . Use him and Ull be very happy u did .


Aron | November 29, 2017

I've used Dan Berger several times, and he's been so helpful each time. He's extremely knowledgeable, and was always able to help me understand my rights. He took care of me, and guided me through the process. I'll use him whenever I have a need. I highly recommend his services.

Excellent, smart and helpful

Dawn | November 23, 2017

Mr. Berger was an exceptional lawyer who clearly understands the law and the dynamics of local personalities. Beginning with our initial conversation, Mr.Bergers plan remained on course to the final judgement with no surprises. Price was very fair and was always available for questions pertaining to the case. My situation carried some substantial penalties which Mr. Berger was able to litigate to reduced charges with zero points on my driving record. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Leaving the scene/careless driving

Brian | November 22, 2017

Did a great job in multiple trips to court to help lower my charges. Was also great with return calls and advisement with court matters.

Court matter

anonymous | November 16, 2017

Spoke to Mr Burger regarding my case and told me what he can do for me. Facing Possible license suspension. and on the court date did everything he said he would do. negotiated with the prosecutor and couldn't be happier with the results.

Excellent experienced lawyer

Charles | November 15, 2017

Mr. Berger call me right back when we got the summons from the court told me what to expect and discussed his fee. He met me at the court and explain what the process was; everything went quickly, and seamlessly. He was very professional

Leaving the scene of an accident

Paul | November 15, 2017

Did a great job explaining everything and goin thru the process and dropped 2 charges out of 3 that I originally had .very respectful and tries to help out anyway possible.

Highly recommended

Alex | November 15, 2017

He is a great easy to talk to lawyer that helped me get out of a jam. Saved me a lot of time and a lot of money!

Great lawyer!

Joseph | November 6, 2017

Daniel was able to help me resolve my needs in the court room while I was across the country. Preventing me from having to come home, go back and forth to court trying to get a new date with my travel schedule. He was available when I had questions, and he got me the results I needed.

Great experience!

Robert | November 3, 2017

Dan Berger was amazing. I called him in a panic about a traffic matter. He calmed me down, asked a few questions, told me what I was facing and what he could do for me. I hired him on the spot. Court went exactly as he said it would with better than average results. I couldn't be happier!! Thanks Dan.

Worth every penny

Angel | October 31, 2017

I recently hired attorney Daniel Berger to represent me for two traffic tickets I received. I was very pleased with the results Mr Berger negotiated with the court I would definitely recommend Mr Berger to represent you if needed. Thanks, Mike.

Traffic tickets

Mike | October 28, 2017

I contacted Mr. Daniel Berger when I received his mail at my house after I got a speeding ticket on Garden state PKWY. I was really stressed out because I live in Long Island, NY and I didn't know what to do until I spoke to Mr. Daniel he told me that I would not even have to show up to court or miss out on my school or work. I was so happy with the fee he charged me for the ticket and he went out of his way to held the ticket and the BEST part is NO points ON MY LICENCE . I am really glad I hired Mr. Daniel for this I would have it no other way. Thank you sooooo much for saving me all that stress.

Speeding ticket

Chand | October 25, 2017

Daniel Berger helped me get what I needed done to the best of his ability. He is also works with you on payment which helps a great deal.

Definitely recommend

Brittany | October 21, 2017

Helped me efficiently, was very nice and got me a great deal in terms of the case, couldn't ask for more in a attorney.

Great Job

Lucas Botello | October 17, 2017

Daniel Berger was one of many lawyers I contacted when I caught a possessions charge.He was the only lawyer who offered to attempt to dismiss the case and today he succeeded.He is polite,patient,understanding and exceptional at what he does.In my case he was a miracle and if I was making more money I would've have payed him more than his generous flat rate.For future reference if I ever run into legal problems again I will call Daniel Berger.

Amazing lawyer,good guy

Luis | October 12, 2017

Fast easy process Mr. Berger did exactly what he said he would do.

Easy and Quick

Peter | October 11, 2017

My Son was issued a 2 point careless driving violation and was scheduled for a court appearance on the date when he was back to college (out of state). I consulted with Mr. Berger about his situation and was told that he can represent my Son without my Son having to make a physical appearance in court. Mr. Berger was really professional and thorough in explaining all the possible options in detail. We were extremely happy to hear that Mr. Berger was able to reduce the violation to obstruction of traffic with 0 points. I would highly recommend Mr. Berger for consul and all representative needs.

Highly Recommend

Ken | October 5, 2017

Daniel Berger was an excellent lawyer who helped me with my problem in a professional and effective manner. I am very satisfied with the outcome I received. He was very accommodating and I would recommend his service for others who may come across any driving or ticketing complications.

Excellent service

Thomas | October 4, 2017

Mr Berger was very polite. Collected all important information. Discussed various options pertaining to case. Made clear his intent. Confirmed your approval. Very reasonable and up front with price. I would gladly seek his services again! I would happily recommend his firm to others! I was very grateful and pleased with my cases resolution.

Pleased client

Richard | September 20, 2017